About Us

Pix n’ Fly is the specialist of Drones Aerial Images. Pix n’Fly is based in the South-West of France and North of Spain (including Catalonia)

Created 6 years ago by TV professionals who believed from the early age of the potential of drones filming, our team is constantly innovating, researching new concepts for a better image.

Pix n’ Fly makes images for Corporate Clients, Television, Live Events, TV Series and Cinema with different types of drones.

Pix n’ Fly’s philosophy : propose to every Production Companies our aerial expertise from day 1 in order to offer images that were not seen before while keeping safety our concern…

Pix n’ Fly Team 

With 6 years experience, PixnFly has made great relationship in various industries including Petrol offshore and Onshore, water sports, archeology, town councils and more.

Pix n’ Fly can propose different technical solutions and different types of drones to adapt to all needs and budgets.

Pix n’ Fly can put its experience to your services world wide (we can take care of logistics and drone admin anywhere).